Local Inspiration: the genius of the Bowery Project

I came across the Bowery project last summer. The shop is in midtown but I live directly south of it by the waterfront. My commute was taking me past a street corner in what can only be described as a  part of the city that has seen better days. Along Sherbourne street there are large stately buildings from a bygone era sitting neglected next to empty lots. And one of these lots was filled with milk crates overflowing with vegetables and herbs.

Bowery Project co-founders Deena and Rachel are without a doubt complete geniuses.  Not only did they see a need, they also saw an opportunity and most importantly jumped in and made something happen. I am, quite frankly, in awe of these two.

Their brainchild, the Bowery Project, is a non-profit that designs, builds and then manages mobile urban farms. They set up these farms in vacant lots that are stuck in the long wait of city development and build using hundreds of crates that can be disassembled and moved with only a few hours notice. The food that is grown in these mobile farms is used by local chefs as well as charities within the community. Simply brilliant.

Find out more about the many projects the Bowery Project has run across the city, as well as how you can get involved via their website boweryproject.ca 

all photos kind permission of the Bowery Project.


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