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In the shop: our favourite gift ideas this holiday

Here's a quick round up of five of our staff favourites for gift giving this year:

1. A handcrafted Native Solitary Bee house by Among The Pines
This is our first year carrying these gorgeous bee houses and we are super excited to have such unique pieces in stock to help to support an important mission.  These unique homes are built to support our native solitary bee population, providing native solitary bees with safe nesting at a time when their natural homes are threatened. Native solitary bees do not make honey and do not sting, and are far more effective pollinators than honey bees. Not just for homes with gardens, these can be placed on sheltered balconies too. Each come with a small sheet of bee facts and instructions.

2. A knitted cactus from Thorn and Needle
This Montreal based maker is another new line for us and we're delighted to carry his work. Knitted cacti that are guaranteed to make even the worst " plantkiller' happy!

3. A flower subscription!
Just ab…

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