Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Shopkeeper's diary: July

After a June so busy with events we could barely catch our breath, July came along as a gentle reprieve from the chaos that they bring. Time to catch up on some of the little things that never get done, that get left to the side when we're in full swing. I've been giving the back section of the shop some much needed attention. A new table with vintage chairs for our meetings, and some fabric was purchased to make panels to cover the not so exciting work table shelves when I'm in consultations. The front counter has some lovely fabric pieces  decorating the sides. Plans have been made to finally paint the washroom, although that has yet to actually happen (this week, I've promised myself). And a three month backlog of bookkeeping was slogged through. And yet, there are still so many things that haven't been attended to. This blog, for one thing, where along with my newsletter I have fallen off the wagon and slipped away from my regular posting. No real excuses, not since I just finished reading the time management book "168 hours" which explained very well that we all have bucket loads of time in a week, we just need to prioritize how we spend it, in order to spend it on the things we actually want to be doing. In truth, I've been enjoying taking a bit of a breather. This marketing, connecting, emailing, posting thing takes so much brain space. Sometimes it's nice to concentrate on other things.

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