In the shop: floral jewelry

I've always had a love-hate relationship with wrist corsages. I love the idea of people wearing flowers as a decoration for a special occasion, but frankly the corsages themselves always leave me feeling  a little "meh". I was taught the traditional wire and tape method back in the stone age when I trained. Over the years I've tried different techniques and different mechanics in an attempt to love them but have never found something that looked anything but awkward. Until now that is.

Found the way I usually find things, through instagram floral friends and then letting my brain tick over things for a bit, we now make our wrist corsages in a totally different fashion than before. Gone is the annoying stub of wire at the base, the frustrating having to hide mechanics with ribbon ( oh how I hate ribbon in bows), now our corsages are like beautiful bracelets that sit around the wrist rather than up it, and are delicate and graceful and all the things I think flowers to wear should be.

We are desperately waiting for someone to ask us to make wilder bigger pieces, pieces similar to those made by the amazing talented designers at electric daisy flower farm and passion flower sue, to wear as complete floral headpieces, necklaces or (gasp) as beautiful botanical sashes at the waist.


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