Monday, May 8, 2017

Current Obsession: tiny things

Tiny things have become a new obsession for me. Little handmade pots and bowls especially (the ones above and below we've just started stocking at the shop, made by local artists Akai Ceramics).

With an entire flower fridge to choose from, I find I'm taking home the teeny tiny blooms and setting them into teeny tiny bowls in my bathroom and at my bedside (my two favourite spots to have fresh blooms at home). Big bouquets don't interest me, it's beauty on a micro scale that holds my attention.

Tiny plants do it to, teeny wee ones set into teacups. Add in a miniature animal figurine that messes with the scale and I'm in heaven.

If you are the same, I bet you'd enjoy these links to some creative folks making and sharing tiny things online:

Jon Almeda- almeda pottery on instagram

A shop favourite, Toronto maker Janet Hinkle of Hinkleville Handmade on instagram

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