Tuesday, December 6, 2016

In the shop: our winter window and a request for your VOTE!

Last week I spent a wonderful day with my talented staff, the lovely Vanessa and Angele, putting together our winter window.  A real meeting of minds and team effort, I am so happy with how it looks. The gorgeous paper flowers on the wreaths were painstakingly handmade from crepe paper by the girls, and I just love how we expanded on Angele's idea of having some sort of snow effect on the edges by using paper doilies. The display behind has all the shiny happy things we are loving this winter, including our succulent plants in mercury vases with colourful pom poms and cheerful little sleepy faced pots by local potter Janet Hinkle of Hinkleville Handmade.

I don't usually do "themed" displays, but this one has a special reason behind it- we are entered in our local BIA's Window Wanderland competition and we need your vote!


If you are reading this between 

December 1st and December 18th 2016 please visit

and vote for Periwinkle Flowers! 

The prize for the winning business is a transit shelter ad, which is something that would be so amazing for us, and there is also a draw for a winner among voters (for MPV Dollars, which you can spend anywhere in the neighborhood) but even if you aren't directly in our area, your vote still counts!

Thank you so much for your support!

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