Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Makers: Chantal Morin of CGMonsters

The Makers series of posts highlights the artists that make the products we sell, a peek into their workspace and process as they create beautiful things.

In this Makers post I'm delighted to introduce you to Chantal, the creative maker behind "CGMonsters", based here in Toronto.   Chantal makes adorable little baby shoes, as well as the one of a kind monsters that I sell at the shop.  I sent Chantal a few questions about her space and process:

Jess: Tell us about your work space- do you have a dedicated studio or do you carve out space where you can when you need? What does it look like?

Chantal:I make my Happy Monsters in a little studio in the basement of my apartment building. Its cozy and quiet, and a perfect place to design and sew my creations.

Jess: what are your tools of the trade?

Chantal: I like to reuse any patterned cotton fabric I can find; everything from clothing, tea towels, bed sheets, and little fabric scraps. Anything and Everything!!

Jess: Share a little about the process involved in your work

Chantal: Each monster is made out of reclaimed or scrap fabric, fleece and felt.
Then they are stuffed with eco luxury polyester, machine sewn, and finished with hand sewn details.
I find that each monster’s personality comes from the patterned fabric chosen, as well as the eye colours, and hand-sewn smiles or teeth.
All monsters are based on animals: bunnies, cats, badgers, and foxes.

Jess: Where do you look for inspiration?

Chantal: The inspiration for my stuffed plush Happy Monsters, and fabric Baby Shoes, comes from all the textures, colours and patterns around me.
When I see or find a piece of patterned fabric I love, I instantly want to create a product out of it.

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I love seeing all the stacks of colourful fabric just waiting to be turned into something amazing!

I carry a selection of Chantal's handmade monster toys at the shop, you can buy them individually or send them with flowers as a gift to celebrate a new baby.

You can follow Chantal on instagram to see more of her work and what she is up to.

Thanks so much Chantal for this peek behind the scenes! 

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