Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Secret Garden: Corktown Common

At the very foot of Bayview avenue lies an 18 acre park that not only includes a splash pad and playground that will challenge young children to do more than just sit on a swing, but also has marshland filled with  croaking frogs, ducks with ducklings trailing behind, large open spaces that feel like meadows in the city and hilly trails that feel like alpine hikes through woodland.


There's rapid development all around, with tall cranes and  the ringing sounds of construction, but as I step into the park those become faint and instead I hear a constant rumbling of frogs and am noisily harassed by redwing blackbirds as they zip around my head trying to distract me from their nests.

corktown common

Following the trails takes me up along a twisting path that winds through thick trees with ferns and flowers growing underneath.


Corktown common is a very well planned park, put together with obvious care and thought to the future.  The City worked with  the various parties involved in the making of it to put together a plan for continued maintenance using organic and sustainable practices that is forward thinking and innovative. 

You can find more information on the park as well as a map and directions via the city's website page here.

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