Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Makers: Bonnie of Concrete Barn

The Makers series of posts highlights the artists that make the products we sell, a peek into their workspace and process as they create beautiful things.

In this first Makers post I'm delighted to introduce you to Bonnie, the creative maker behind "Concrete Barn", based here in Toronto.   Bonnie makes the coolest geometric brass hangers that hold airplants, but also look amazing by themselves. The pieces are stunning in their simplicity. I sent Bonnie a few questions about her space and process:

Jess: Tell us about your work space- do you have a dedicated studio or do you carve out space where you can when you need? What does it look like?

Bonnie: I am very lucky to have a dedicated space to work in. It helps me keep organized and inspired! I took time to decorate the room so it compliments my work and I absolutely love hanging out there! 
studio of concrete barn

studio shot

Jess: What are your tools of the trade?

Bonnie: I use solid brass tubes with filament to construct my Himmeli. To cut lengths I use a metal tube cutter and of course a ruler.  

concrete barn himmeli

Jess: Share a little about the process involved in your work

Bonnie: I first make prototypes using cocktail straws, to ensure I am happy with the measurements and proportions. Usually I make multiple prototypes before I am happy with the final measurements. I will then record the lengths of brass required and photograph the model so I can replicate it in metal.  

 Jess: Where do you look for inspiration?

Bonnie: I am always looking for inspiration. I love discovering other hand made Canadian goods and Instagram has been a great resource for that.

 ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   --- 

I'm in awe of Bonnie's studio space, so neat and organized and PRETTY! what a great space to be creative in.

We carry several sizes and shapes of Concrete Barn Himmeli at the shop, available with or without airplants.

You can follow Bonnie on instagram to see all the beautiful pieces she makes.

Thanks so much Bonnie for this peek behind the scenes!

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  1. Great post! Bonnie's pieces are beautiful and I love to see creative work spaces.