Monday, June 13, 2016

In the shop: Summer blooms

After a strange and long spring that started hot, then cold,then hot & cold again, we've finally arrived at summer. As with every change in the seasons, I've updated the website to show examples of what we are making for the summer months. Even within the season there is a change from week to week. I'm enjoying lupins, spirea and foxgloves but we are moving into dahlias, delphiniums, lisianthus, and stocks.  Peonies are out in full force now but will end abruptly any day, as they always do each year- leaving us to fill the gap in our hearts with dahlias in their glory.

summer bouquet from periwinkle flowers

You really can't beat how summer does purples and blues.  I'm loving the lisianthus, delphiniums and clematis, and everything is so frilly and full.

summer vase by periwinkle flowers
You can check out the sizes and selections on my website here, but as always everything is made to order  and our selection changes weekly as we move through the summer.

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