Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Current obsession: Ranunculus

budvase of ranunculus

Mid to late spring we start to see these delicate blooms roll in, first from out of country growers but eventually the Ontario production ramps up and pail after pail of them comes through the market. Ranunculus are part of the Buttercup family.

close up of

close up colourful ranunculus

Available in a wide variety of colours from pure white through soft peaches, apricots, blush tones to deeper yellow, oranges and reds. They are usually cut when the buds are showing colour, and it always amazes me how such a tiny little button can unfurl into something so full and frilly.  As with all cut flowers the pricing varies depending on availability and demand but ranunculus generally run from $3 a stem up to $5 for the fancier striped ponpon variety
 pon pon ranunculus
 and even higher for the massive multi petaled cloony blooms that have recently taken over everyone's pinterest boards.

cloony ranunculus

A couple of stems of ranunculus set in a budvase is the very best spring treat right now, you should treat yourself this week!

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