Friday, January 22, 2016

In the shop: succulent terrarium class

terrarium class at periwinkle flowers
Taught a workshop on the weekend to a great group of creative folks. This one was fun and messy!

We talked about the strange but awesome ways these cool plants have evolved to survive in harsh environments, and what that means in terms of caring for them in our homes. And then we got to planting.  Each student made their own piece, using a slanted glass bowl, a haworthia plant and three succulent plants.  I had pails set out with specialized soil, as well as some with decorative stones, gravel, mosses and lichens.  Once the plants were potted up nicely, the class got free rein to decorate their terrariums however they liked. As always, I was blown away with how everyone created something different from the same resources.

succulent terrarium

Looks like fun, right?  Don't worry- I am definitely running this class again. Keep an eye on the blog for details, or better yet subscribe to my newsletter- you'll get all the details straight in your inbox when they get announced, plus subscribers get to attend for a special price!

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