Thursday, December 31, 2015

Current obsession: urban gardening

It's New Year's Eve, and while this is always a slow time at the shop in terms of orders it is always a busy time for me as I try to wade through the inevitable heap of paperwork and book keeping that I've been "too busy" to do during the past few months.  Yet today, instead of working away studiously said paperwork, I am day dreaming and scheming about my garden. 

I live in a small little rowhouse right downtown and my back garden is admittedly rather postage stamp sized.  After a few years of struggling to work against the existing environment there- clay soil, mostly full shade from a large (but well loved by me) maple tree and poor soil with very little depth (we are situated on top of landfill, on what was once actually Lake Ontario!) and what I am sure is a much higher racoon and squirrel density than anywhere else in the city,  I have determined that this new year, this promising 2016 will be the year I actually put together the garden I really want.

My back yard when we moved in, 5 years ago.
 I grew up in rural England and along with each of my siblings had a small part of the larger garden to call my own.  With much help from my Dad I grew vegetables, herbs and flowers. I even had a small apple tree.  I love the rambling, meandering style of english gardens. The riot of flowers mixed with veggies, with nary a bit of grass lawn in sight.  I am feeling somewhat nostalgic.

So I am plotting and planning, and my parents have promised me that for my birthday this year they plan to come to Toronto and help me implement my garden plan.

So, I am not looking at that massive pile of receipts and papers to be entered into my accounting system.  Instead I am scouring pinterest and saving inspiring country garden scenes.

  I am drawing up plans with raised garden beds, footpaths through what I hope will be a wild and glorious magical garden.  I'm binging on Alys Fowler YouTube videos, and hoping I can look half as amazing as she does while I do it, with mucky wellies and cute smock dresses.



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