Monday, November 2, 2015

In the shop: Airplants

We have a selection of airplants in the shop right now.  They truly are remarkable little things.  They don't have roots, which means they don't need soil, which of course opens up lots of new ways to display and enjoy them.  I made up some simple wall hangers for them, using larger pieces of cork bark.  Adding a leather strap to hang them by makes them perfect for your wall, hanging like a piece of living artwork.
airplant wall hanger by periwinkle flowers
Copper wire wrapped around the piece provides little pockets to tuck the plants into, and allows you to easily remove then for watering.

Speaking of watering, many people mistakenly think that because these plants don't have roots they don't require watering, which isn't true.  They've developed the ability to take in moisture through their leaves rather than using roots. 

airplant submerged at periwinkle flowers
Once a week you should fully submerge the plants in room temperature water, letting them sit and soak for about 10 minutes. 

airplantrs at periwinkle flowers
When you take them out, give them a gentle shake and then set them upside down on a towel to drain off any remaining water drops.  They should sit for a few hours to make sure they are dry before returning to where ever you are displaying them. 

Make sure they are somewhere that gets some natural light, not too bright or direct, but not in shade either.  Eventually you may even get an airplant that grows a "baby" plant as an off shoot!

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