Monday, November 9, 2015

Current obsession: Garden roses

mixed garden roses
I thought I'd be over it by now, but clearly my obsession with garden roses is continuing unabated.

These delicate blooms are so full and fragrant, and the colours have a richness to them that always amazes me. The garden roses we carry today are a hybrid of old fashioned roses with the more common modern variety, bringing us the best of both worlds- Modern garden roses have the same full multi petal count and "cup" shape of the heirloom varieties rather than the "pointed" look of today's roses, but have taken on some of the plus points of modern roses such as repeat blooming and more colour variety.  There are far fewer farms growing these delicate beauties than the regular modern rose, and they do cost more per stem, but one look at them is enough to see why they are worth it.

Not every one is a fan, I have had some people tell me they feel these roses are "dead" or "not fresh", but I think the issue there is more that many have come to see a rose that is anything but tight as being done, which is not the case.   With proper care these roses can often go a full week, but they will be open and ruffled and full for that time rather than tight and pointed.

pink garden rose

I very often treat myself and take home a single stem of a garden rose to have beside my bed.  Falling asleep to their soft sweet perfume is such a luxury. I am not sure I will ever tire of them.

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