Thursday, November 5, 2015

Creative Life: small loom weaving

As part of my ongoing experiment in bringing more creativity to my daily life, I am trying out new things.  Do you know about the magazine "Mollie Makes"?  The original is a u.k based publication, but there is now a north american version too.  It is filled with inspiring projects and interviews with artists.  I've been reading them for a while now, but never tried any of the  projects. 

So, as part of my creative every day journey, I decided to try out the small loom weaving in issue 58 of the U.k publication.  The issue came with a small kit and includes directions on making a little wall hanging for yourself. 

It's actually very meditative.  And rather satisfying too, as the empty space becomes filled with texture and colour.  I am a little nervous that I may have strung the loom incorrectly, despite trying to follow the directions.  All will be revealed when I try to take the finished piece off, but I am hopeful that if I did I will be able "macgyver" a solution of sorts.

Have you ever tried weaving this way?  I have a dim memory of something similar as a child, how about you?  If you do a weaving project I'd love to see how yours turned out!

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