Sunday, November 15, 2015

Creative inspiration: The Detroit Flower House

This crazy floral project has had me captivated through the fall, on blogs and on instagram.

A derelict building in Detroit set for destruction was purchased at auction for $500 by a florist.  She had it cleared out by a local company that aims to reuse and re purpose rather than trash materials from condemned homes.  And then she invited florists from near and far to come and create an amazing piece of floral art. We aren't talking just vases of flowers, we are talking full large scale wall, ceiling everything installations, and the result was simply breathtaking.

photo from Flower House detroit

The house was open to the public at the end of October, and now will be fully cleared away, by the same local company that cleared it out for the project.  The florist that began the project plans to use the land to grow flowers in an urban flower farm to supply the local floral market.

If you check out the list of florists involve, you'll see there is a fine showing of Canadian, and especially Toronto talent included.

You can see more of the stunning photos and learn more about the project on their website.


  1. I was so captivated by this project. And very pleased to see so many local florists participating. How inspiring to see such beauty emerge from that bleak little piece of real estate.

    1. So inspiring Christine- wouldn't it be great to see a project like this in Toronto!