Thursday, October 29, 2015

Creative Life: Sketching

I've been thinking a lot lately about creativity and living a creative life.  The work that I do here at the shop has a lot of creativity built in, but as a shop owner I often get buried under piles of paperwork rather than the flowers.  Other than my flower work, I do some sewing and knitting, but that has been about it for creativity in my daily life.  I certainly don't do anything artistic and creative purely for creativity's sake. 

I'm trying to change that by challenging myself to do something creative outside my norm, every day.   A box of coloured pencil crayons and a small blank sketchbook have given me enormous joy lately. I am finding the biggest challenge to be not judging my drawings.  I tend to be a self critical person, and I get very frustrated when what shows on the page isn't what I had in my head.  But I think doing the art anyway, and trying to let it just "be" is maybe just what is needed for me.

How about you?  Do you struggle with fitting art into your life?  Is creativity part of your routine?  I'd  love to know what you do to keep creative when daily life gets too left brain.  Let me know in the comments!


  1. I know it's hard. As a working single mum of an 18 month old I find it hard to keep creative. But as art/craft has always been a passion, I have a weekly quota of at least half an hour of creative therapy. Even if it's 5 or 10 min here and there, I find by breaking it up into smaller time slots you find more time because your not looking for a hour or so in your hectic daily routine. This doesn't work for all activities nor all people and is best to work on one activity across a number of days/weeks and to keep it and when your tools (whatever you use to complete the project) handy. Hope this helps :-)

  2. Breaking it up into little time slots is a great way to fit art in! I keep a tin of coloured pencils and my sketch book at the dinner table and try to fit in some art time here and there when I'm waiting for something- like the kettle to boil for example. Making it routine is a struggle but I am trying!
    thanks for your comment!