Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This blog's last post!

I've decided that the time is right to discontinue this blog. This will be the final post.

Between the shop's Facebook page and Instagaram feed I feel that I've got the best conversations covered over there, and the blog has become...well, kind of a nuisance!  I'm spending way too much time planning, writing, researching, tweaking photos etc, when what I really want to spend my time on is running the shop- making flower designs and working with customers. Facebook and Instagaram are quick visual easy ways to communicate with my clients & friends.  The blog is cumbersome and frankly a pain

So, come on over to my FACEBOOK PAGE and like Periwinkle to stay in the conversation

and while you are at it, follow my INSTAGRAM feed for lots of flower heavy visuals

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thanks for reading and visiting- don't be a stranger, come chat on my other social media!



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