Friday, November 1, 2013

Let's Be Instagram Friends

I canceled the shop's twitter account this summer.  Just didn't  feel like a good way for me to communicate.  Couldn't get it to work for me.  Then I discovered Instagram and now I may be getting addicted.  I love checking in and seeing a flood of gorgeous images from the creatives I am following.

It is so cool that we are sharing ideas and communicating through pictures, images, ideas.  I love it. I'm concentrating on posting little images from my day, shots of the pretty things we are making at the shop, things that make me happy and make me smile.I'm certainly not a hot shot with the phone camera (or any camera for that matter) but you really don't have to be to enjoy this.  For me it's really about capturing the little moments.

Like this amazing dahlia plant still blooming in my neighbourhood, even on a very cold late October day:

Or this close up of rose hip berries, which I just love for the simplicity of the red against white:

 If you Instagram, I'd love for you to follow me.  I'll see you there.


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